Start achieving solid profits
with our affiliate program

We offer an affiliate program that differs from ones provided by other brokerages.

One of its main benefits is a high conversion. We are good at conversing both thematic and general media traffic. Thus, our affiliate program allows making money easier than any other company. We offer two cooperation models. They both make it possible for our affiliates to achieve profits regardless of their skill levels.

Earning from strategy providers’ income

Share links to our service with talented traders and get 10% of their future income. One or more stable traders can bring you hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly.

This cooperation model suits affiliates with an entry-level training. You can find successful traders on other websites and encourage them to our platform.

As soon as you join our website as an affiliate, the cooperation model is activated by default.


Earning from each lead of strategy follower

Depending on the geographical origin, we pay up to $10 for each registered strategy follower. What’s the advantage for you? Each new registration brings you a guaranteed profit.

This cooperation model suits both website owners and affiliate marketers, who deal with traffic arbitrage. Marketing agencies also welcome!

Please, contact an affiliate program manager for activation.

up to $10


  • Possibility to earn a potentially unlimited income
  • High & competitive payouts
  • High conversion level from regular visitors into registered users
  • Chance of earning profits regardless of skill levels
  • Immediate funds withdrawal to a ATM card or bank account
  • No initial investment (or it’s minimal)
  • No risk, win-win strategy

Affiliates’ FAQs

  • The most effective themes are: trading, business, finance, earnings, web-industry (SEO), the Internet. Besides, we also effectively convert general subject traffic such as: news, information, media, forum, blog, community, etc.
  • We have many interesting ideas on how our affiliates can get the most from their websites. Please, contact us and you’ll be offered the most effective variants for traffic monetization.
  • Tell your friends about us! Share a link with your friends on social networks OR create a forum topic. In case you run a blog, place one of our widgets.
  • It’s easy. You can go one of most popular ways: create ads on specialized trading forums or social networks and engage traders to our platform. Lots of brokers provide the so-called PAMM services. You can choose the most successful traders there and recommend them our platform. You will also find traders either on competing services or the ones that deal with trading account monitoring. Some traders run their own blogs that are easy to find via search engines.
  • We provide you a special link for conversion tracking. When a user clicks on the link, we mark him with the Cookie-file. As soon as he signs up, he’s automatically assigned to you!
  • The cookie is placed for 90 days. Even if the user signs up to the platform later, he is automatically assigned to you for the next 90 days.
  • The list of strictly prohibited sources includes: contextual brand advertising, motivated/incentive traffic, spam, adult-traffic, popup/clickunder.
  • The minimum sum for withdrawal is 100 USD. We make payments on the basis of NET30.
  • We suggest ordering a plastic card. It will allow withdrawing money from ATMs in more than 200 countries around the globe. Besides, we suggest payments by bank transfer to your settlement account.